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In June of 2003, Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic started an internship program which offers recent veterinary graduates the opportunity to work with our staff and experience equine veterinary medicine. We’ve had twenty veterinary interns now, from multiple schools. These young interns are fully licensed veterinarians who choose to spend one year working in an educational setting, going through an intense advanced training with growing independence. At the end of the internship year, these veterinarians will have refined and deepened their diagnostic, surgical and technical skills and their understanding of equine medicine. We hope our interns will leave having had a good balance of experience in a busy general practice and specialty training by our board certified veterinary specialists.

Our Intern veterinarians manage the medical care of our critical patients, facilitate the day-to-day operations of the clinic and help our staff with the daily appointment caseload. The primary responsibilities include diagnostics and care of hospital patients, emergency duty, anesthesia, radiology, as well as assistance with lameness exams, ambulatory work, surgery, and medical procedure.

Self-motivated interns are encouraged to use the flexibility available in the program to focus in specific areas of interest. Within the basic framework and responsibilities, our internship can be tailor made to fit individual needs, allowing for preparation for future specialty tracks or further development of special interests For example, after her internship at SCEC, Dr. Nora Grenager was ready to start her three year board certification in internal medicine with us. Former Intern Dr. Sarah James is currently completing her ABVP residency at SCEC, and former intern Dr. Nick Carlson is in the midst of a SCEC surgery residency. Others have gone on to residencies at other sites. Former intern Dr. Laramie Winfield returned to SCEC after completing an internal medicine residency at UC Davis. The primary goal of the internship program is to provide each intern with the skills required to successfully move on to a residency program or private practice.

Internships are salaried one-year appointments running from July 1st to June 30th. We offer one to two internships annually. Applications are accepted in the fall of each year and must be complete by November 15th. Applicants are asked to submit a letter of intent, updated resume, and three letters of recommendation. To be seriously considered for the internship program, students must first participate in our externship program, allowing staff to get to know them.

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Below are the names of the veterinarians that have participated our Internship Program:


Chris Garvey , DVM


Kristi Ruby, DVM



Melodee Ingram, DVM, MS


Weston Warnock, DVM




Casille Batten, DVMCasille Batten, DVM



Chris Ryan, DVMChris Ryan, DVM



Sarah James, DVMSarah James , DVM

  • Email: Sarah James, DVM



Steve and KorinaSteve Loncosky, DVM

Steve Loncoskey, DVM



Kristin McLaughlin, DVMKristin McLaughlin, DVM



Justin McCormick, DVM

Justin McCormick, DVM



Laramie Winfield, DVM, DACVIM



Olivia Rudolphi, DVM



.Kacie Wells-Hodder, DVM


Nick Carlson, DVM


Jennifer Lauzze, DVM


Nora Grenager, DVMNora Grenager, DVM, DACVIM

Brian Fitzgerald, DVM
Erin Matern, DVM, CVA
Natasha Lefkowitz, DVM

Corbett Post, DVM


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